An adult is one who has lost the grace, the freshness, the innocence of the child, who is no longer capable of feeling pure joy, who makes everything complicated, who is afraid of being happy, and who, because it is easier to bear, has gone back to sleep. The wise man is a happy child. Aranaud Desjardins
Having first been drawn to Yoga to balance a stressful and demanding career as a classical pianist, I found that not only did Yoga help me to start to become aware of my body, heal tired aches and pains, but it also gave me a wonderful sense of calm, positivity and most importantly, focus. A teacher training in Vinyasa Flow inspired me to deepen my practice and explore different styles of Yoga, particularly Yoga Therapy. However, it was not until I became a mother myself and practiced Yoga with my daughter that I discovered the sense of fun, fearlessness, openness and most of all, my inner child.

The word Yoga comes form the Sanskrit root “yuj”, meaning “to yoke” or “to unite”. It can be practiced by anyone: Whether they be Men, Women, Kids, Mums-to-be, Grandparents, Beginners, Gurus…..It can mean different things to different people, but deep down, it is considered to be the union of the body, mind and soul.

There are so many benefits to practicing Yoga: Increased flexibility and strength, restful sleep, body awareness, breathing and visualization techniques to boost physical and mental well-being and many, many more.

I would love the chance to share with you the wonderful world of Yoga. I offer classes to babies that are six weeks old to people well into their advanced years. My classes are fun, musically creative, sensitive and adapted to your needs. Most of all, I strive to help you discover that sense of playfulness and freedom that represents our inner child.